Keirsey Temperament Sorter

Keirsey Temperament Sorter

David Keirsey expounded the study of different people’s temperaments initially done by Plato and Hippocrates. He identified temperaments using names suggested by Plato as Artisan (Iconic), Guardian (pistic), Idealistic (Noetic) and Rational (DIonetic).


Artisans are adaptive and concrete. They seek stimulation and aim at making an impact. They are virtuous and have great strengths in tactics and troubleshooting, manipulating tools, equipment and instruments. They have two main roles as operators and entertainers. In their operations, they give directions in proactive manner and more of artisans. They are intelligent in expediting. Crafters are attentive while promoters are expressive. Entertainers are informative (reactive) artisans and concentrate on improvising. Composers in the group are attentive while performers are expressive.


Guardians are organized, concrete and follow given schedules. They perform duties and responsibilities in search of belonging. They are cautious, focus on credentials, dependable and helpful. They have great fun with friends but are cautious and serious with duties and responsibilities. They are accountable and respect customs. They are down to earth and practical and adhere to discipline loyalty and follow rules as they cooperate with others. They prefer slow but careful steps. They are not happy with blazing new trails or winging. Their strengths are in logistics thus excelling in facilitating, supporting, and checking. The group has administrators and conservatives. Administrators are guardians who are proactive and offering directions. They are best performers in regulating activities. Inspectors are attentive while supervisors are expressive. Conservator guardians are naturally informative and supporting. Protector is attentive while providers are expressive.


Idealists are compassionate and abstract; they seek meaning and importance and aim at finding their unique identities. They concentrate on personal growth and diplomacy is their strength. They are best in clarification, inspiring, uniting, individualizing. The two major roles are mentors and advocates. Mentors offer directions and are proactive in their ideals. The group is compromised of counselors who are attentive and teachers who are expressive. Advocates are sources of information and ideas. They are concerned with mediating. Their major professions are healing and expressive champions.


Rationals are objective and abstract who search for control and mastery of their own knowledge and competence. They are strong in strategies. They are great performers in engineering, theorizing, coordination, and conceptualizing. Their roles are coordinating and engineering. Coordinators are directive (proactive) rationals. They are strong in arranging. Masterminds are attentive while field marshals are expressive. Engineers are reactive rationals who are informative. They are strong in constructions with architects being attentive and inventors being expressive.

The above descriptions of four different categories of people from Keirsey Temperament Sorter group me in the category of guardians. I am more observant than introspective and trust in my experiences. When disappointing others I am considerate and warm in a careful manner. Guardians are compassionate which is my greatest fault. I enjoy socializing with colleagues and go by facts to get comfortable with certain solutions. Moreover, I make good use of them by directing them on succeeding in certain tasks.

Most of the time my years are wide open as I stick to my business mostly while waiting in line. I follow given schedules to properly arrange things as per required standards. I consider justice in matters that have to be settled and decided upon. I am not usually overtaken by emotions by I control them to follow what I wished to do. My hardworking nature allows me to following strict deadlines as per given schedules is my strengths since I am devoted to my work and does not miss a lot. I am weak in interacting with strangers since it taxes my reserves. Although I adhere to deadlines, I am more concerned with finished products.

Guardians are cool-headed and down to earth which helps me tolerate clutters in work places. I am extra sensitive such that I hurry to pick it. My steps are usually hurried than leisurely and concider having evidences to convince me. In conclusion am strongly convinced that am a guardian because I am a good listener who is objective than personal. While with children, they freely make themselves useful and use my thoughts to detect disorder.



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